Mr Gee’s Essential Vibe Show

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I'm Mr. Gee, I live in Blackpool, I'm originally from Portsmouth UK, I'm an Uplifting FM Radio DJ & Presenter, I Broadcast every week on Thursday nights on Trance Stream, at 8:30 pm, (GMT) I bring you the latest and best picks available to buy from all good digital stores, Uplifting Trance and with a little entertainment. Please give me a follow or Subscribe on Select for exclusive monthly […]

The man of many mysteries as Brian smashes out the tunes on The Essential Vibe Show.

Once a week on a Thursday night, just a few seconds short of 8.30 pm,

The first track of the night turns over and that magical Mic Live light goes on.

For the next two hours that follow, you’re going to expect a menagerie of high energy uplifting dance, anthems, guest chat with some of the UK’s biggest and best European artists, news, updates, and live mixes