How we was born

It all started in the early ’90s, around 1995 when i was leaving school, back at school in Leeds West Yorkshire when Mr Gee was head of media. In 1990, Brian Mr. Gee was the school’s DJ, End of Tearm and other parties that the school did Brian was there to help out and set up equipment,  Brian has been a consummate lover of the electronic dance music for nearly three decades, whereby his early efforts at following his dreams of becoming a DJ, would begin with playing records at and the organization of School Disco’s and after School closing term parties. He was always interested in combining his passion for both listening to music and performing,

Mr Gee’s earliest efforts led to his construction of a School Radio Station and a regular slot there upon it.

Moving forward, a few years this would be a consistent effort that continued far beyond his School years But before heading to the south coast in Portsmouth Hampshire Mr Gee grew up in Leeds West Yorkshire, & In 1994-1996 he had a keen interest in a Pirate radio station called Dream FM (LEEDS) & CB Radio (Citizens band radio) Which back then was basically your social media today, like Facebook is today except unless you already knew someone on CB you could also make new friends by asking them on the call out channel 19 if anybody would like a chat, almost like telephoning Random numbers on the phone, LOL believe it or not Mr Gee did that once with a friend, when we found out you could call Australia, A long time ago we called someone in cairns Australia, i remember getting a postcard from this person… i was only 14 years old at this time.. funny my dad was not impressed with the phone bill cost… anyway going off subject:  CB Radio, it could then progress on to and EYE-BALL in radio language that means meeting up maybe for a coffee or talking further about your interest in radio sound weird but back then that’s what people did none of this Purvey stuff went on back then that was not on anyone’s mind this was in the 90s no LGBT nothing like that at all.

Even exchanging radio’s or beefing up the power from a rig doctor if you knew one. Local Leeds pirate radio station: Dream FM on the radio on 107.8FM was in Leeds West Yorkshire and it was the only one dance Music station out there when others we’re just playing the boring chat music and it influenced the idea of Mr gees future:

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