was evolved in 2009

Since then we have been on a mission to offer fans of UK hardcore a various mix of radio shows where it all once began going live to just over 200 listeners on the internet from one pc with PCVDJ

Shows then continued every week, every Friday from 9 to 1 am Its was called Mr. gee’s essential hardcore video selection show, Broadcast on the website in an audio-only on Shoutcast & also video stream, hosted Via our website was interactive and enabling the DJ or presenter to see where the listener was listening from and a full web-chat based application chatroom was also on the site
beginning of April 2009 we were born

Our station was known as a 24-hour station of hardcore, playing only the best uplifting hardcore from top producers Darren styles / Jamie Ritmen / DJ Breeze / Joey riot & many more.. below is a short and lost full recording of a  full show when we started, and all that’s left of a demo reel from a live show taken from Mr. Gee’s essential hardcore selection

As the months went by Mr Gee teamed up with Wing-man Mc Oddball after seeing him Mc at a local rave in Portsmouth run by Doug horizon which was called: Activation, We became friends over many years and doing every Friday LIVE  shows, and even events out, and around Portsmouth UK,

Our names soon got around the area and those ravers that knew what quality music we could give them, However as time moves on, and together we had lots of fun over the classic years and to which that was shortly lived upto 2016

The success of the radio shows people began to hear it and it was slowly becoming a thing and bookings started to coming in and Mr. Gee was within his first year and known on the UK hardcore music scene attending Rave’s up and down the UK handing flyers out to fellow ravers and getting amongst it, his continued success made him not only a radio presenter but made him make his own UK Hardcore  track with its current owner of UK Dance Records Label Jamie Ritmen, which was formally owned by Darren Styles
Mr. Gee’s First release was Called:  I’m Lovin’ You Featuring Sonic Vox on the vocals which were dedicated to a girl he fell in love with, and the words used explained how very much he really did love her but I couldn’t get her to love me back because she was interested in someone else

Take a listen below: 

Dancefmlive was the birth of the station you all now know today however, hardcore FM wanted more.. because on the 30th of July 2010 Dancefmlive had their first event at Bar38 Gunwharf Quays Portsmouth See this flyer:

Tickets went on sale posters & printed flyers where handed out around Portsmouth, Southampton and distributed in flyer packs as far as the eye can see success couldn’t get any better until and was then followed up with more rave events in Portsmouth but one was especially dedicated to the death of his older sister in 2009 who died of cancer and all money from the tickets sold went to cancer research you can still donate here if you wish

Later in 2009 for Mr Gee this year was a diffacult year dealing with a divorce from a virtuous wife and fighting for his children in court, it got too much and he had to just go off the circuit for a few years and also he had to deal with his sister passing away who died of cancer and other personal matters it just got worse…

But then In 2012, Mr. Gee came back alive once again with a new website and support from good friends, and to come back and give you some of the old treatment but this time not just radio it was video Radio 
see below the Full Show:
Doing these shows week in, Week out, Was not easy it was a lot of hard work and supporting the UK Hardcore Scene playing tracks from loads of artists from those that just wanted their track played LIVE on the radio.
Doing these shows regularly also got a lot of local and some attention as far as Scotland from other radio stations
But from local radio in Portsmouth 93.7 ExpressFm wanted us as part of there team on the FM Band & DAB digital broadcasting network and be in association with them as well as dancefmlive which was good and was the start of something new in another adventure
93.7 express Fm took on our radio show for a Saturday night to start things off, it was allowed only 1 hour including adverts as a test if Portsmouth people and surrounding areas enjoyed it, you could hear it on your FM Radio in the car or home stereo for miles and also around the world on Expressfm’s internet and Dancefmlive’s internet hitting more listeners than ever before not 100’s but our listener count got to as much of 5k every week
Photos of 93.7 Express FM where we broadcast from:

The essential vibe show lasted for 2 years on expressfm with many guests upon the shows and exclusive Interviews and Co-Host Jon Brown we was able to produce a fantastic show every week for your enjoyment but had to stop After a relocation to the North West of Blackpool, and a successful run on the South Coast for 6 years he wants to bring the best uplifting sound to the north west of England

Mr Gee plans are both exciting, and simple for the current station now known as its going to be more vibrant, energy fuelled, and with dance productions, as with taking the now feverishly popular ‘The Essential Vibe’ show on the road to clubs and events UK wide and of course, appearing upon the line-ups of as many club events as is possible, to bring vocal dance anthems delivered in his own exciting, vibrant and unique outgoing style to a packed dance floor near you very soon Dancefmlive will continue to make waves on the internet and until then will be one day and hopefully have its very own frequency or broadcast on DAB = Digital radio broadcasting.