Neil Greaves


Neil Greaves

About me:

My musical journey began at the age of 10 when Radio Rentals took away our TV. Rather than waiting to be entertained, I delved into my mother’s extensive record collection, predominantly filled with folk and country genres. However, hidden within were true gems. I discovered Bob Marley’s Burning and the Wailers albums, Donny Hathaway’s Extension Of a Man, and the complete works of Ray Charles and Millie Jackson. This was my Eureka moment!

From then on, my passion was clear, and I devoted my paper-round earnings to this newfound addiction and hunger.

No more trips to the local toyshop for model airplanes; it was now the racks of vinyl in record stores that called to me. Aylesbury’s Record House, Earth Records, and Our Price became my after-school haunts. Even now, I vividly remember the captivating scent of fresh vinyl that filled these places, which were like palaces and sanctuaries dedicated to music, where I could escape and just be myself.

With the Grundig radiogram, my pride, and joy, valves glowing warmly through the louvered vents, I cranked up the volume, and my bedroom window was wide open. I shared the music I loved with the kids playing outside, with Mother’s chorus of disapproval in the background, “NEIL! TURN DOWN THE BASS!”

In my heart, in my blood, in my soul, I knew I wanted to be a DJ.

So now you have a glimpse into my world. Others have described me as charmingly and uniquely amusing (among other things I’ll keep to myself!), but I’ll leave it to you, my beautiful listeners, to be the judge.