Henry Caster – Desire (Extended Mix)

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Henry Caster – Desire (Extended Mix)



Mr. Henry Caster’s New Release: “Desire”

Mr. Henry Caster is back on Essential Trance Digital with his latest release, “Desire.” This uplifting track features a hard-hitting kick and a punchy beat that will leave you energized. You can buy “Desire” here on this store, and after purchase, a download link will be provided to download your mp3 320k file

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Henry Caster, also known as Enrique Morales, is a talented trance producer hailing from Mexico City. He has made a significant impact on the trance scene with tracks released under notable labels like Alter Ego Records, Essential Trance Digital, and Joyride Recordings. His music, characterized by energetic basslines and uplifting melodies, has garnered attention and praise within the electronic music community​ (Beatport)​​ (Beatport)​​ (Beatport)​.

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